Commercial buildings

Managing electrical infrastructure within commercial buildings can be complex, as there is pressure to reduce energy costs, provide a resilient and secure supply and cater for a diverse range of tenants with different energy demands and risks. 

Energy consumption is difficult to control and depends on the type of tenants occupying the space. An increasing focus on environmental reporting and sustainability is putting pressure on reducing energy consumption, identifying energy efficient strategies and solutions while protecting existing revenues.

As tenants of commercial buildings are diverse, building owners need to ensure there is a secure and diverse network available and will support the needs of the occupiers, often over long periods.

Due to the diverse nature of tenants in commercial buildings, security of supply is essential for all businesses, particularly those with onsite servers and data centres.

We operate and maintain all of Canary Wharf’s multi-tenanted commercial and retail buildings, ensuring an uninterrupted electricity supply to multinational tenants.