Robust and resilient energy networks are a key part of the defence critical infrastructure and need protection in an uncertain world faced with multiple external threats.

We operate power infrastructure across large and complex sites for a third of the British Army. We understand the pressures placed on Defence budgets and recognise the unique challenges of security, sustainability and the impact on the daily operations of those living, working and training within Defence sites. 

Increasing energy demands

The armed forces protect the security, independence and interests of the UK and having security of energy supply across their sites is essential to enable them to focus on their critical operations. With 55,000 new sustainable homes planned for military personnel and estates enlarged and consolidated across the country, more pressure will be placed on existing infrastructure. The increasing electrification of vehicles and fleets on military sites will place further pressure on available network capacity.

Reducing carbon emissions

In a changing climate, the Ministry of Defence is working to increase resilience by reducing their reliance on fossil fuel and engaging their suppliers in their sustainability agenda. They are committed to reduce carbon emissions in line with government targets by introducing technologies like electric vehicle infrastructure while improving operational capability by utilising low carbon energy technologies.

Achieving value for money

The Ministry of Defence is committed to delivering a significantly smaller, more efficient, and better quality estate that continues to provide a safe and effective place for military users. Value for money can be achieved by investing in electrical infrastructure for the long term by optimising existing infrastructure, deferring reinforcement and integrating new energy technologies like energy storage that create revenue streams.

We work with Aspire Defence to make soldiers’ lives better through the delivery of improved accommodation through Project Allenby/Connaught.