Manufacturing and industry

Manufacturers require confidence they can sustainably run their business, manage risk and energy costs effectively, and ensure security and resilience of supply.

Ensuring resilience and security

Manufacturing is one of the most energy-intensive industries and any power outages or pricing fluctuations can have significant ramifications on day-to-day operations and production output. Power outages can affect electrical equipment by causing damage or interrupting production, leading to increased costs and losses in revenue.

Managing energy costs

Energy-intensive operations bring high energy costs in consumption charges and also capital investment of traditional energy assets. Businesses are looking to limit TRIAD and Red-zone DUoS charges and major infrastructure upgrades or reinforcements and potentially take the opportunity to earn revenues from new energy technologies such as on-site generation, storage and demand response.

Reducing carbon emissions

Sustainability is increasingly on the agenda for manufacturers, particularly for their own carbon footprint and also ensuring they have a green supply chain. One focus will be the electrification of fleet vehicles, which will impact on-site electricity demand and the complicated transition to a new type of vehicle fleet.

New technologies such as energy storage, on-site generation and taking advantage of demand side response flexibility contracts will enable manufacturers to ensure ongoing resilience and security of supply, keep a downward pressure on costs and provide an opportunity to take on sustainable projects.