Electric vehicle infrastructure

The UK government is working towards a zero-emissions car and van fleet by 2050, with a ban of new petrol and diesel cars in 2040. These bold targets, along with the availability of technology and the market aligning, are driving the transport sector towards the transition to electric vehicles. These drivers and market challenges provide exciting opportunities for car park operators and fleet operators in the UK.

CO2 emission targets

  • Greenhouse gas emissions targets are now UK law
  • By 2050, emissions must drop to 80% of 1990 levels
  • One quarter of the UK’s emissions come from the transport sector

Air quality

  • 21% of the UK’s urban population is exposed to dangerous levels of NO2
  • An estimated 40,000 premature deaths each year is caused by air pollution


  • With a strong high-tech sector, electric vehicles present an opportunity for UK to lead the way
  • UK government has committed to increasing investment in low emissions vehicles

An evolving business case

  • There are now better financial outcomes to businesses than existing fleet strategies
  • New support for electric vehicles from households, businesses, government and industry, which is driving market growth, technology development and availability
  • There are now many types of plug-in cars available, including cars, SUVs and medium-sized vans

The transition to electric vehicles

The energy market is rapidly changing and traditional sources of energy supply are becoming decentralised thanks to advancements in technology and new competitive environments. Renewable and localised energy sources are now enabling businesses to:

  • implement new technologies like electric vehicles into their fleets and provide charging for their customers
  • take control of their energy
  • manage risks more effectively
  • maximise the opportunities from their energy assets.

The electric vehicle evolution will affect all businesses using vehicles as part of their day-to-day operations, particularly public transport, post and parcel delivery, food delivery services, taxis and private car hire, emergency services, car park operators and any business who maintain a fleet.

Understanding the benefits of electric vehicles and providing charging

As fleet strategies continue to evolve to include electric vehicles, it is essential you understand where the tipping point is in order to minimise the costs of running your fleet and providing charging for your customers. Continual advancements in technology change the benefits you can realise from integrating electric vehicles into your fleet. Understanding how you can benefit from new technologies is key to ensure you are maximising efficiencies.

How we can help

We are uniquely placed to support the development of your electric vehicle strategy or your transition from fossil-based technology towards the electrification of your entire fleet and providing charging for your car park customers. We will optimise your existing assets, integrate the new electric vehicle charging infrastructure and deliver commercial benefits.

We provide an end-to-end integrated solution, from initial feasibility studies through to design, build, and smart operation and maintenance on an ongoing basis.

From electric vehicle charging infrastructure to software and hardware, we are technology agnostic, ensuring the equipment we use best meets your requirements. Should you require finance to turn your electric vehicle ambitions into reality, we can handle that too.

Our technical capabilities

  • Consultancy advice including problem definition, requirements gathering and feasibility studies
  • Overall solution architects optimising existing assets and avoiding electrical network upgrade costs
  • Engineering design and network planning
  • Design, build and project management
  • Financing
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Fleet transition and electric vehicle location optimisation
  • Agnostic vendor selection for software and hardware including chargeposts
  • Smart charging
  • Vehicle selection