UK Power Networks Service


UK Power Networks Services continuously focuses on innovation through the application of more effective devices and processes. We are committed to implementing better solutions by identifying more effective products, services and technologies.

For example, our innovative approach in dealing with re-generative braking for high speed trains in the UK resulted in energy effective solutions, with options to return surplus energy from the railway network to the grid.

We have unique experience in energy transfer and storage during re-generative braking of trains through the implementation of the first invertor on the London Underground network. The transfer of energy from a DC to AC system is achieved through an energy efficient device which has been integrated into the complex railway system.

We see innovation as a process that brings together novel ideas, rather than just producing a novel device. Our implementation of the first Rational AutoTransformer Scheme (RATS) on a major Network Rail project in UK is such an example. This project also includes IEC 61850 being implemented on AC for the first time in the UK railway industry, and DC electrification projects designed and constructed by UK Power Networks Services.

We've also developed an innovative approach for our Building Information Modelling (BIM) which uses a scanner to create 3D models. This is an effective process resulting in improved document accuracy at economical cost, adding significant value for our customers.