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We work with you to solve your energy challenges through innovative solutions, delivering resilience, cost efficiency and sustainability

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UK Power Networks Services builds renewables portfolio
UK Power Networks Services builds renewables portfolio

We are expanding our portfolio of key infrastructure assets with the acquisition of UU Solar, from SDCL Energy Efficiency Income Trust LLP (SEEIT).

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Our SCADA technology accelerates the transition to a decarbonised future
Our SCADA technology accelerates the transition to a decarbonised future

With continued investment in an innovative facility that allows us to control, manage and monitor substations and other electrical infrastructure on behalf of our clients, we are helping the industry to accelerate its transition towards a decarbonised future.

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Our clients include some of the highest profile public and private sector organisations with critical infrastructure in complex environments.

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Supporting Transport for London in the delivery of 54 new trains for Docklands Light Railway
Supporting Transport for London in the delivery of 54 new trains for Docklands Light Railway

UK Power Networks Services continues to support Transport for London in its strategic ambitions to add 54 new trains to the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) by 2024.

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A smart partnership: New collaboration aims to innovate UK energy industry

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14 October 2019: Manchester Metropolitan University signs Memorandum of Understanding with UK Power Networks Services, with the aim of working together to create smart energy solutions for a range of UK organisations.

A new partnership between Manchester Metropolitan University and UK Power Networks Services, a leading energy solutions provider, will see research and industry come together in order to pioneer new ways of improving energy efficiency in a range of businesses and organisations across the country.

On Friday 4th October, both parties made the partnership official, signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) outlining their intentions to work together for at least three years.

Opportunities for Innovation

UK Power Networks Services creates energy and power distribution solutions and provides energy technology consulting to a range of clients across transport, utilities, commercial, industrial and manufacturing.

By using new smart technologies, UK Power Networks Services is able to optimise the productivity of energy assets. They integrate bespoke, smart infrastructure, which is not only more cost-effective for the business, but also more sustainable.

New ways to reduce energy costs, emissions and generally to improve energy system resilience are becoming more and more sought after in the UK. With that in mind, UK Power Networks Services have enlisted the help of Manchester Metropolitan University’s Advanced Materials and Surface Engineering Research Centre, to help them design and deliver the very best smart energy systems.

The University specialises in the research and development of everything from smart cities and smart energy grids, to the Internet of Things and machine learning.

Bamidele Adebisi, Professor in Intelligent Infrastructure Systems at the University, said: “With our research expertise and UK Power Networks Services’ industry knowledge and capabilities, I believe this new partnership will be incredibly beneficial for both parties.

“At the University we are positioned perfectly to generate a new understanding of smart infrastructure, smart industry applications and new smart devices.

“Our expertise is in embedding sensing devices into physical assets and equipment, which are then connected to the cloud, allowing real-time data acquisition and analytics and essentially creating a smart device. We have also been able to do this on larger scales creating smart energy grids and even smart cities.”

Research also aligns with the UN’s plans for a sustainable and resilient future, communicated through their Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).

A Lateral Knowledge Exchange

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Professor Andy Gibson and Ian Smyth, Director of UK Power Networks Services signing the MoU

Professor Andy Gibson, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering, said: “We at Manchester Metropolitan University are delighted to be partnering with UK Power Networks Services, and believe both organisations will benefit greatly from this signing.

“Within the Faculty of Science and Engineering, we have fundamental research knowledge into smart infrastructure and technologies, which is why it is important for us to partner with a company like UK Power Networks Services, and for them to make the most of our expertise.

“This partnership has many mutual benefits and is representative of a lateral knowledge exchange between two leading organisations.

“Where we have research and education know-how, we believe UK Power Networks Services has the business application knowledge needed to make our projects successful. I believe they are able to offer our students valuable professional development and employment opportunities applying their research to the real world.

“I hope our partnership will enable us both to become thought leaders in the rapidly evolving energy industry.”

Ian Smyth, Director of UK Power Networks Services, added: “Manchester Metropolitan University and UK Power Networks Services have a legacy in the application of scientific disciplines in real world industrial environments. We share common values around the development of diverse talent delivered locally combined with a strong track record in delivering innovation practically. This partnership is based on common values and focused on long term investment in the Northern Powerhouse.”

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