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UK Power Networks Services’ response to COVID-19

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, the safety and wellbeing of our employees, the public and our clients remains our top priority.

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UPS - Facilitating large fleet operators to go electric

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Our clients include some of the highest profile public and private sector organisations with critical infrastructure in complex environments.

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Network and load growth modelling at Port of Tyne

As one of the UK’s most innovative and efficient deep-sea ports, Port of Tyne has developed a decarbonisation roadmap, with an ambition to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2030 and to electrify the entire port by 2040.

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Kent Power Supply Enhancement

We upgraded the electricity infrastructure on the north and mid-Kent lines to meet the Train Operating Company’s aspiration to run 12-car trains, increasing capacity by 20%.


The project addresses the requirement to upgrade the E&P infrastructure on the north and mid-Kent lines to meet the Train Operating Company’s (TOC’s) aspiration to run 12-car trains, increasing capacity by 20% from the current 10-car units.

Phase 1 enhances the infrastructure to cope with a limited number of 12-car Class 465 units on the lines between London and Gravesend, London and Hayes, and London and Sevenoaks. The works are designed to achieve a 7.5kA route setting.



To provide a 7.5kA route setting and a traction voltage uplift to 750V DC third rail, covering the refurbishment and upgrading of twenty two substations and Traction Paralleling Huts (TPHs) and forty eight Electrical Track Equipment (ETEs). This required around 70km of cable and many associated other electrical works, operating on a short timescale at over seventy sites.


Substations and Traction Paralleling Huts (TPHs)

  • 33kV switchgear – three panel HVCB suite
  • Transformer rectifiers – 3MW Class G
  • 750V switchgear – switchgear resistor change, 4kA DCCBs, 6kA Main DC and cables to rectifier; 8kA Main DC and cables to rectifier
  • Protection equipment – overload changes to new route setting, decommissioning and removal of MITS equipment, increase rectifier protection; impedance protection and frame leakage
  • SCADA – new RTU, update existing RTUs
  • Battery chargers - new TPH, DC switchgear, HV switchgear and rectifier
  • LV equipment – supply to new TPH; 70kVA 33kV. 415V aux. transformer
  • New or diverted LV supply
  • Data and telephone lines – removal, provision, diverted
  • Removal of old equipment
  • New positive (1000mm) (240mm) and negative (800mm) cabling
  • UTX for CMS
  • TPH module base


Enhanced ETE

  • Replacement of VIR & VB cables, CAD welded cables and degraded (bubbled) insulation cables



This very significant programme of works had to be achieved in a very tight timeframe, with over seventy work sites to be surveyed, design and consultation to be carried out, planning secured (Section 61) where needed and agreed works undertaken.

A ‘one team’ approach helped considerably in meeting the fast track pace; facilitated by co-location of Network Rail, UK Power Networks Services and the delivery supply chain at our Chatham office



  • Rapid mobilisation and set-up of integrated project management office with supply chain
  • TP Hut works started in week three
  • First new DC switchgear commissioned in week ten
  • Track ETE started in week three
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